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11 Footballers You Wouldn't Want To Fight With

Football sometimes tends to get very physical. So it’s no surprise when members of a team get into ugly fights with the opposing team and sometimes even the fans.

While this can be overlooked in most players who from time to time get caught up in the heat of the moment. Some others have built a reputation for always being on the wrong side of the sport. These ones never shy away from committing one offense or the other. They are the bad boys of football and opposition players often think twice before getting in a fight with them.

In this post, we will be looking at some of the players you probably want to avoid getting physical with. So sit back and enjoy as we bring to you 11 players, you wouldn’t want to get in a fight with.


Surely, you were certain Ramos would be here right? Hehe. The former Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos for years was a constant thorn in the flesh of his opponents. His ability to draw fouls and red cards was equal to none. During matches, the Spanish international was fond of committing rash and crunchy tackles. And you know what’s even scarier? Most of the times, Ramos actually knew what he was doing.