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The Reason Why Messi Will Not Win The 2022 World Cup

More than half the footballing universe is willing Lionel Messi to go ahead and win the World Cup in what looks like his final attempt. But that only means that more than half the footballing universe might be in for a huge disappointment before the year is over.

Before kickoff of the tournament in Qatar, Argentina were one of the favorites to win the World Cup. But right now… uhm, not so much. And we may all have to start making peace with the fact that Messi will not win the 2022 World Cup. And here’s why:

First of all, that first game against Saudi Arabia was surely not a good way to start the tournament. Saudi Arabia were supposed to be the easiest fixture in the group, and Argentina ended up squandering a lead as well as many chances to allow the Middle Easterns successfully pull off one of the biggest upsets in football history.

But to be honest, it isn’t so crazy to think that Argentina will still make it out of the group. The question is, how much farther will they go with that type of lackluster performance?